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How to Lose that Dad Bod

You’ve been blessed with the title of Dad. However, you don’t have to carry the burden of Dad Bod anymore. Lose that Dad Bod and get back to living life to the fullest.

We all know that being a Dad is one of the greatest gifts of all. Being a part of your children’s lives as they grow up and experience new and exciting things. The journey of being a parent is priceless and way too short.

It is incredible at times and super challenging at other times. As parents, we would not trade it for anything in the world.

There are so many great things that come from being a parent, especially a Dad. Heartache and trials can go hand and hand with the amazing experiences, snuggles, unconditional love you can experience with children. There are also challenges and situations you must overcome.

How to lose Dad Bod - Fitness tips for Men


Challenges Older Dads Can Face

I’m considered an “older” Dad, not having kids until my late 30’s. So here I am in my 40’s with young kids and surrounded by more energy than I always feel necessary. I love playing soccer with my kids, tossing them around, and riding bikes for hours. However, lately, I’ve found that keeping up with them while I’m getting older has let the dreaded Dad Bod creep in. Since having kids, I don’t know how but it seems like every calorie suddenly counts as two. Also, finding time to exercise outside of the occasional game of freeze tag intentionally is next to impossible.


Getting Rid of Dad Bod

I have tried fad diets and intense 90-day exercise routines that are short-lived and never work long term. However, A few years ago, I went on a mission to reclaim my health and vigor of years past. This time it was different. I created some habits around bodyweight exercises I could do at home without spending ten plus hours at the gym each week. I started with only 15 minutes per morning until it became part of my routine to work out and exercise every day. Within a year, I was able to lose over 40 pounds, look and feel more healthy, and best of all, keep up with my kids.


Lose that Dad Bod

Incorporating an at-home bodyweight workout routine, even if only for 15 minutes per day, can help you begin to shed that Dad Bod. I found some helpful info on Fitness for men and Fitness for Dads at Get Dad Bod Fit.com.

I chose to put together a simple workout like the one below that I could accomplish in about 15 minutes. You don’t have to use them all but try to use three full-body exercises. Start simple and add to it later. The key is creating the habit.

At-Home Bodyweight Exercises – To Lose that Dad Bod

Shed that Dad Bod with these Bodyweight Exercises you can do at home.


Pushups are a staple in bodyweight workout routines. They work a lot of different muscles, and they are relatively easy to do. You can start small and increase as your strength allows.

Learn how to do a Pushup properly and get the most out of your workouts.

How To Do A Pushup Properly - Bodyweight workouts at home

Cardio Exercises

Different men prefer different types of cardio exercises, so I’ve included a selection so you can choose your favorite. You will need more than 15 minutes if you add a cardio exercise. However, I would try cardio at least a few times per week. More ideally three to four days per week.

The best cardio exercises for men are activities that you like and can consistently do. Choose your favorite from this post.

Best Cardio Exercises for Men

Best Cardio Exercises for Men


Bodyweight Exercises for Legs

Don’t forget about your legs. Nobody likes to focus on their legs but your leg muscles are large and working them can really burn calories. Here is a post for Body Weight Leg Exercises to choose from. My favorite is Sumo squat-to-stand. It is easy to do practically anywhere.


Best Ab Workouts at Home

In the beginning, you will need to lose some belly fat or you won’t see much progress in the abdominal region. It’s not a bad idea to get in the habit of doing Ab Exercises at home as part of your workout routine. You can choose an Ab exercise that burns fat to start and then change to one more for sculpting later.

My favorite Ab Exercise that burns fat is Mountian Climbers. 

Ab Workouts at Home Men - Mountain Climbers Ab Exercises that Burn Fat

Men, Are You Ready to Lose that Dad Bod Yet?

I hope you are because that dad Bod is really holding you back. It could be causing you health issues and more doctor visits than you need. I hope you will use this resource I did to help me lose over 40 pounds in less than a year and keep it off years later.

I never could imagine what that additional 40 pounds was like until one day I had my 38-pound daughter riding on my back. It suddenly dawned on me that is the weight that I had lost and it was like I was carrying her on my front every day.

Lose your Dad Bod today by checking out the information below on men’s fitness and bodyweight exercises you can do at home. 

Check out Get Dad Bod Fit today.